Here’s how to make huge gains with Bitcoin

The opportunity has not passed you by! Here’s how to make huge gains with Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been making huge gains and hit another all-time high this week. Don’t panic, it’s not too late to get in on the action and there is a way to do so without running the risk of the price falling as fast as it went up.

The strategy we are referring to is crypto arbitrage. It is not something new. It has been around for a while and is growing in popularity not only in the crypto community, but The News Spy also among mainstream investors, as financial institutions, hedge funds, and investment firms of various sizes recognize its value as an exceptionally low risk form of investment, suitable for even the most conservative portfolio.

What makes it so attractive? Not only is the risk close to zero, but it also offers incredible returns.

How does crypto arbitrage compare to other bitcoin investment strategies?

One of the most popular strategies with Bitcoin is short-term trading. The advantage is that you have full control, you can see results within a few hours and the return on investment can be huge. On the other hand, the risks are just as great, and it is equally possible to make a mistake and lose everything as quickly as you gained it. Then, of course, there is the fact that day-to-day trading is a time-consuming and knowledge-intensive activity, involving the need to be glued to your screen using a variety of technical indicators to research price patterns and forecast market movements.

How does crypto arbitrage fare in comparison? Well, firstly, crypto arbitrage is not vulnerable to the volatility of the crypto market, so there is almost no risk, as it generates profits by exploiting price inefficiencies on exchanges.

In other words, for short periods, a cryptocurrency may be available at different prices at the same time. In the short window of time before the market adjusts and the price difference resolves itself, it is possible to buy a coin on a market where the price is lower and then instantly sell it on the market where the price is higher to make a profit on the difference.

Crypto arbitrage tends to be automated as it requires a speed and efficiency that no one person can match. An automated platform does all the work for you, so no knowledge of the market is needed and no effort is required.

To understand this better, let’s take one of the largest regulated crypto arbitrage platforms, ArbiSmart, as an example.

The ArbiSmart platform scans 35 exchanges simultaneously, 24 hours a day. It monitors the market, finding and then exploiting temporary price inefficiencies to generate passive profits of up to 45% per year. Profits are earned on a daily basis and can be withdrawn at any time in fiat or crypto.


For those who are comfortable at a more relaxed pace and don’t have the temperament for the high-risk, high-return nature of daily trading, there is always HODLing. This slow but steady approach is very low risk and exceptionally undemanding, as it involves a strategy of doing nothing as you hold your Bitcoins long term until they appreciate over time. Clearly it has worked so far for those traders who entered the market first. However, the downside is that most failed to get into BTC in the early days, so today it is a much more expensive and uncertain strategy. Also, your capital is basically idle and not working for you.

When compared to HODLing, crypto arbitrage is just as undemanding, but has the significant advantage of making you money every minute. In the case of ArbiSmart, for example, you simply register and deposit your Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. Your funds are then converted into RBIS, the platform’s native token, to be used for crypto arbitrage trading (they are however withdrawable at any time in fiat or crypto).

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