Mawson Infrastructure Group Relocates 5,376 Miners to PA, 14.5 BTC/Day Projected

• Mawson Infrastructure Group Inc. has announced that it is relocating 5,376 ASIC miners to Pennsylvania sites in Q2 of 2023.
• The company has closed its facility in Condong, NSW, Australia and all equipment is fully funded and in transit to PA.
• Mawson plans to have 112 MW online in early Q2, 2023 representing enough power for up to 33,000 ASIC miners which could generate up to approximately 14.5 BTC per day or $132 million in revenue per year at the current Bitcoin price.

Mawson Relocating 5,376 ASIC Miners

Mawson Infrastructure Group Inc (NASDAQ: MIGI) has announced that it is relocating 5,376 ASIC miners from its Australian facility to Pennsylvania sites in Q2 of 2023. This strategic move will focus entirely on the United States with 220 MW facilities planned for Midland and Sharon respectively. All equipment is fully funded and currently being transferred for deployment.

Closing Australian Facility

The company has decided to close its facility located in Condong, NSW Australia and redeploy 8 x 2.5 MW Mobile Data Centers also due for deployment during Q2 of 2023. All equipment has been paid for and is on route to Pennsylvania where Mawson expects 112 MW online by early Q2 of 2023 allowing up 33,000 ASIC miners access with a potential 14.5 BTC daily production rate equivalent to $132 million yearly revenue at current Bitcoin prices.

Vertically Integrated Model

Mawson operates a vertically integrated model promoting global transition into the digital age with multiple operations throughout the USA and Australia. With this strategic decision comes an opportunity for large scale Bitcoin production through their highly efficient mining facilities operating at 3.6 EH/second1 which can generate large profits when combined with high capacity processing centers such as those found on site at Midland and Sharon locations respectively .

CEO Comments

James Manning CEO commented,”We look forward to seeing these units come online in early Q2, 2023.” Making this strategic decision post closure of the Australian facility allowed Mawson to relocate all owned assets exclusively focusing resources on building out the 220MW of facilities currently located within Pennsylvania giving them optimum efficiency and operational advantage within the industry while producing substantial profits due large scale bitcoin production capabilities offered through their highly efficient mining facilities already established throughout both states .

About Mawson Infrastructure

Mawson Infrastructure Group (NASDAQ: MIGI) is a digital infrastructure provider offering services throughout USA & Australia via their long term strategy promoting global transition into digital era providing numerous opportunities through their high efficiency mining facilities allowing investors direct access into cryptocurrency market creating substantial profits when combined with ultra high capacity processing centers found onsite at Midland & Sharon locations respectively fulfilling multiple needs across various industries while offering competitive advantages within industry markets creating viable business solutions world wide .

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